Bashni is a interesting variant of checkers from Russia. The set up and movement is virtually the same as Shashki. However, what is different is what happens after a capture. Instead of a captured checker being removed from the board, it is placed under the checker or stack of checkers that captured it. This capturing mechanic makes for a very interesting game.

Bashni has been played since the mid 1800s . It almost faded into obscurity as it’s popularity waned. This was until it experienced a revival in the 1980s. Today you can find clubs and tournaments in Russia and the Ukraine. You can even find players playing on line.

Players 2

8 x 8 checkerboard
12 dark checkers and 12 light checkers
How to play

• Checkers are set up on just the dark squares of the player’s first three rows.

• Checkers move forward on the diagonal one square.

• Checkers can capture forward or backward on the diagonal by hoping over the opponents checker and landing on the empty square behind it. If there is another checker that can be capture when it lands it continues to hop in the same direction. Captures are mandatory.

• When a checker is captured it is placed under the checker that captured it to form a stack. If it was captured by a stack of checkers it goes to the bottom of the stack.

• A stack moves and captures just like the checker or king that is on top.

• If a checker or stack captures an opponent’s stack only the top most checker of the stack is placed under capturing piece. The checker that was under the top most checker is now released and can be used by the owner on there next turn.

• When a checker or a ordinary checker on the top of a stack reaches the back row it immediately becomes a king. A king moves as many unblocked squares desired forward or backwards on the diagonal. When a king captures they hop the checker and can land on any empty square on a diagonal line behind the captured checkers. If there is a capture that can be made on the same move that a checker or stack becomes a king, it must be taken.

• A player wins when he or she capture all of the opponent’s checkers or block them so they can not move.