Shashki and Shashki Poddavki


Sashki is a popular form of checkers from Russia. In Shashki checkers move as in traditional checkers, but can capture forwards or backwards. Add flying kings and you have a very distinct game to play. But for some players that may not be enough. So,be sure to try Shashki Poddavki. It is played the same as Shashki except the object is to be the player who has all his or her checkers captured or blocked .

Players 2
8X8 Checker board
12 white checkers and 12 dark checkers
How to play
Checkers are set up on just the dark squares of the player’s first three rows, as shown in the diagram below.


Checkers move forward on the diagonal one square.

Checkers can capture forward or backward on the diagonal by hoping over the opponents checker and landing on the empty behind it. If there is another checker that can be capture when it lands it continues to hop. Captures are mandatory but the a player does not have to make the maximum captures as possible.

When a checker reaches the back row it becomes a king. A king moves as many unblocked squares as you wish forward or backwards on the diagonal. When a king captures they hop the checker and can land on any empty square on a diagonal line behind the captured checkers. If a checker is promoted and still has captures it can make it must continue capturing.

A player wins when they capture all the opponents’ checkers or block them so they can not move.
Shashki Poddavki
In Shashki Poddavki all the rules of Shashki are in effect. What is different is that the goal has changed. The winning player is the player who has all of his or her checkers captured or blocked so they can not move is the winner.