Close But No Cigar……part 3


One reader commented that they would the like rules for a liars dice game that uses a cigar box.  Here is a great one called Pass the Trash. This  liars dice variation uses a cigar box instead of a cup to hide the dice from the other players.

Pass the Trash


2 or more


Set of five poker dice

Box with a lid to roll dice in and keep them concealed 

Score pad or counters 

How to play

The rank of poker dice hands are from highest to lowest

Five of a kind (aces down to nines)

Four of a kind ( aces down to nines)

Full house  ( aces down to nines)

Three of a kind ( aces down to nines)

Two pair ( aces down to nines)

Pair ( aces down to nines)

High die ( aces down to nines)

The first player rolls all five poker dice in the box so that no other player can see the result. He or she then makes a bid in the form of a poker dice hand as described above. The bid can be,  but does not have to be the actual poker dice hand rolled by the player. 

The player then passes the closed box to the next player.

The next player can either accept the previous bid, or reject it.

If accepting the bid, the player takes the box and, rolls any or all dice he or she chooses not to keep. The player then bids a poker hand which must be a greater rank than the hand bid by the previous player. A player may chose not to look at the dice and bid blind. After biding, the player passes the closed box to the next player who may accept or reject the bid.

If the player rejects the bid, he or she calls “liar”  before opening the box to expose the dice to all the players. If the dice are equal to or greater than the bid the player rejecting the bid loses a life. If the dice are a hand of lesser value than the bid, then player making the bid loses a life.

The player who lost a life that round starts the next round.

When a player loses three lives they are out of the game.

The last player with a life is the winner.


In the book Best of the worlds Best Dice Games by Gil Jacobs, I read about a variation called The Holy Grail. It is played as above except that a player can only save dice during his or her roll by placing them where the other players can see them. The player rolls the remaining dice in the box concealed from view. If the next player accepts the bid they may roll any or all of the dice including the ones saved by the last player and only expose the dice they chose to save rather than roll.


Have Dice Will Travel

This trick helps you keep control of your dice when playing in awkward places like buses and cars. Place your dice in a small clear container with a lid. When it is your turn to roll just shake the whole container. This dice shaker works great for games where you roll all the dice every throw like Backgammon, Shut the Box, and Sho.

You can even make a cover for your dice shaker so you can play Liars Dice. You will need an identical container that can fit over top of the first one. Paint three-quarters of the second container black. When playing slide the painted container over top of the first. Now you can see your dice in the unpainted portion, but your opponent sees only black paint.


Now you can play dice on road trips without worrying about accidentally throwing your dice under the seat in front of you. No need for tables or even dinner trays. I would like to hear from any readers that have more ideas on how to improve the dice shaker.