Game Cafe in Qubec City

While visiting Québec City I found La Ravanche,  a great place to play games. On 585 Boulevard Charest E. La Revanche  is not just a game cafe, but a game pub complete with draft beers and cocktails. 

Players can sip the beverage of their choice and choose a game from an impressive collection of games–mostly in French. If your French is a little rusty, the staff clad in bright yellow t-shirts will teach you the rules of the games you picked.

Bonne chance!



The Uncommons game cafe


Manhattan’s first play cafe is having their grand opening November 19th. The address at 230 Thompson Street happens
to be the old location of the Village chess shop.

I had a chance to look around during the soft opening a few weeks ago. The idea is customers pay five dollars and can play any game in the library all day. They also sell coffee sandwiches and snacks.

I was excited to have chance to explore a game cafe ,because there are none close to where I live. I would be interested in to hear about anybody else’s experiences with games cafes. So if you would like to share, please post in the comments.