Improvised Dice Cup


Dice cups are a great accessory when playing dice games. They reduce the sound of the rolling dice, conceal the dice from view in games like liars dice, and add some class a gravitas to a game.

With this in mind I started to test out some different object to see how good a improvised dice cup they would make. Paper cups, small card board boxes, plastic tumblers were all tried. The thing that worked best as a dice cup turned out to be the humble can cozy.


Foam rubber sleeves for keeping cans cold make great dice cups. They are light weight and retain shape even after being crushed in a backpack. Rattling the dice inside it makes very little noise. They are also similar in size to manufactured dice cups. The only thing that is missing is a ridge to trip the dice as they exit the cup. If any readers have ideas on how to add a ridge please share it in the comments.