A Great Deal For A Wedding Reception


Concerned that guests at your wedding reception will just be staring at their cellphone screens instead of interacting? Consider trying what  this couple did at their reception. On each table was a deck of cards for the guests to play with, complete with the rules to a card game popular with the bride’s family and one popular with the groom’s family. 

In large social gatherings a simple deck of cards can be a catalyst for mingling and conversation.  Family members can catch up with each other as they play.  Guests who do not know each other can play  a hand or two without the awkwardness of struggling to make small talk. A deck of cards encourages people to share favorite games and memories of playing with friends and family.


What I Found At the Used Book Store

This deck of of cards and accompanying booklet was found while browsing one of my favorite used book stores. The booklet has the rules to the game spades and the deck has tips on how to bid and win tricks  printed on the cards.  I am interested in ideas on how to make homemade playing and strategy aids. If you have ideas please share them in the comments.

Not Playing With A Full Deck

imageI have always been interested in the ways that ultra light hikers modify the equipment they carry. By cutting off any  unnessary parts ,they can reduce the weight and bulk of there gear. So in this spirt I wanted to share this experiment in ultra light playing cards.


The first way I tried to make an ultra light deck was to take a paper cutter and cut them down the middle. This gave them the feel  of Bài Tú Sác cards. While they were not too hard to hold or shuffle, the deck was still fairly large. 

The next deck I made was cut into quarters on the paper cutter. With this deck I could only hold about five cards so that I could see what they were. Another disadvantage was that shuffling took some practice before it could done smoothly. However, the deck was now small enough to fit in an Altoids tin with room to spare.

If you have any thoughts on how to make these ultra light decks even better please share them in the comments.

Lock-Top Card Case


I found this 0.65 cup snack container at the local discount store. It is a little larger than an altoids tin and has waterproof lock-top cover.  It turns out to be the right  size for a deck of cards. These could be used to make some great mini game kits for backpackers. If any readers have ideas or suggestions on what to fill them with or modifications to the container please share them in the comments.

Improvised Tarok Deck


Want to play Tarok but do not have the right deck, here is a solution. All you need is two decks of regular playing cards  with the same backing and a marker. From the first deck take out all the face cards, the Ace-4 of hearts and Diamonds, and 7-10 of Clubs and Spades. From the other deck we are going to take cards to be the trump suit and the cavaliers. Take all four Jacks and with the marker write a C next to the J in the corners. These are for the cavaliers. Take the Joker out and that will be used for the Škis. Finaly take the Ace-6 of spades and the 7-10 of Hearts and Diamonds. With these cards you can make the 21 cards needed for the trump suit. In the corners of the card write it’s rank Roman numerals. The Ace of spades is I all the way to the 10 of Diamond which is XXI. Now you are ready to play.

The Accidental Tarok Player


I discovered a new card game. by accident this month.  While was shopping online for a Jeu De Tarot deck I thought found a deck that I could afford. . When it arrived it did not look like the deck I remembered playing with.  I had bought a Slovenian Tarok deck by mistake. Luckily I was introduced to a man from Slovenia who explained some fine points Slovenian Tarok to me ,and now I am looking forward to my first game.