Chess in the Park, Denver

Looking for an al fresco chess spot in Denver, Colorado?  Then come to the 16th Street Mall, between Arapahoe Street and Curtis Street.  Artists Doug Eichelberger and Susan Wick  created this group of tables with two ceramic tiled chess boards separated by a mosaic sculpture. It’s a great spot to find a pick up game and do some people watching.


Game Cafe in Qubec City

While visiting Québec City I found La Ravanche,  a great place to play games. On 585 Boulevard Charest E. La Revanche  is not just a game cafe, but a game pub complete with draft beers and cocktails. 

Players can sip the beverage of their choice and choose a game from an impressive collection of games–mostly in French. If your French is a little rusty, the staff clad in bright yellow t-shirts will teach you the rules of the games you picked.

Bonne chance!


Touch And Move Chess Party

imageIn front of the Art Institute of Chicago can be found the Touch & Go Chess Party. A row of colorful tables where players can play all day for a donation of three dollars. Cecil Locke started setting up this portable table with eleven boards back in 1998. Not only can you play chess a number of pool checkers players also can be found playing here.

image image

Chicago’s Chess Pavillion

imageOn a warm Chicago day you would be hard pressed to find a more pleasant spot for a game of Chess than the Lincoln Park Chess Pavilion. Built in 1957, it offers nice views of Lake Michigan and the city’s skyline. An overhang protects the risers with built in chess boards from the weather. It even has chess themed sculptures and relief carvings as decorations. So if you are interested in some al fresco Chess in the  Windy City, bring your set to Lincoln  Park.

Games At Bryant Park Manhattan


For a person who loves games, Bryant park is a true gem.  From April to October games of Chess, Backgammon, even Mahjong can be found in full swing.  Tables in the shade of umbrellas  to play on  are plentiful.  There is even a cart with over forty  games for people to play and a game host who can teach you how to play them. What more could I ask for?

image image