Close But No Cigar……part 3


One reader commented that they would the like rules for a liars dice game that uses a cigar box.  Here is a great one called Pass the Trash. This  liars dice variation uses a cigar box instead of a cup to hide the dice from the other players.

Pass the Trash


2 or more


Set of five poker dice

Box with a lid to roll dice in and keep them concealed 

Score pad or counters 

How to play

The rank of poker dice hands are from highest to lowest

Five of a kind (aces down to nines)

Four of a kind ( aces down to nines)

Full house  ( aces down to nines)

Three of a kind ( aces down to nines)

Two pair ( aces down to nines)

Pair ( aces down to nines)

High die ( aces down to nines)

The first player rolls all five poker dice in the box so that no other player can see the result. He or she then makes a bid in the form of a poker dice hand as described above. The bid can be,  but does not have to be the actual poker dice hand rolled by the player. 

The player then passes the closed box to the next player.

The next player can either accept the previous bid, or reject it.

If accepting the bid, the player takes the box and, rolls any or all dice he or she chooses not to keep. The player then bids a poker hand which must be a greater rank than the hand bid by the previous player. A player may chose not to look at the dice and bid blind. After biding, the player passes the closed box to the next player who may accept or reject the bid.

If the player rejects the bid, he or she calls “liar”  before opening the box to expose the dice to all the players. If the dice are equal to or greater than the bid the player rejecting the bid loses a life. If the dice are a hand of lesser value than the bid, then player making the bid loses a life.

The player who lost a life that round starts the next round.

When a player loses three lives they are out of the game.

The last player with a life is the winner.


In the book Best of the worlds Best Dice Games by Gil Jacobs, I read about a variation called The Holy Grail. It is played as above except that a player can only save dice during his or her roll by placing them where the other players can see them. The player rolls the remaining dice in the box concealed from view. If the next player accepts the bid they may roll any or all of the dice including the ones saved by the last player and only expose the dice they chose to save rather than roll.


Veto Dice

If you are searching for dice games with opportunities to make decisions and use your bluffing skills, look no further. Veto Dice is a compendium game from San Francicsco. The players roll their dice under a dice cup. One play names the game they would like to play after looking at his or her dice. The other player can refuse the first game but must accept the next game that game that is called.

Players 2


2 dice cups

10 dice

Score pad

How to play

Both players roll five dice keeping them concealed under their dice cups.

The first caller proposes a game from the chart below. The other player may accept or refuse .

If the player refuses the game the other player must propose a game of a different game type number. For example if the first game proposed was Two Ten for high score, the next game proposed could be liars dice.  The player could not propose Three Ten for high score as the replacement for the first game of Two Ten for high score because they are from the same game type( game type 8).

When the player accepts the game or  a second game is proposed, the player who proposed the game reveals his or her dice. They may re roll as many times as the game allows.

After the player who proposed the game has finished rolling, the other player reveals his or her dice and rolls. The other player may roll as many as the game allows to beat the score of the other player.

The winning player scores a point.

The players roll as they did in the begining  , and the losing player proposes the the next game.

The first player to score three points wins the game.



Game Name

Remaining  die scoring points

General description

# of rolls


Ship Captain  and Crew 

High or low (2 dice)

Qualifier of 6,5,&4 must be built in order



Boss dice


Poker dice no with no  straights


Liars dice






High or low ( 2 dice)

2, 3, 4 or 3, 4, 5 to qualify. 2,3or 3,4 to start building. Can change qualifier





Highest poker hand. Aces wild and no full house. No dice need to be frozen. 




Double Vegas

High or low (3 dice)

High or low (1 dice)

Two dice equal to 7 or 11 to qualify

Two sets of dice equal to 7 or 11 to qualify




Double Reno

High or low (3 dice)

High or low (1 dice)

One of any pair to qualify

Two of any pair to qualify



Two ten

Three ten

Four ten

High or low (3 dice)

High or low (2 dice)

High or low (1 die)

Two dice equaling 10 to qualify

Three dice equaling 10 to qualify

Four dice equaling 10 to qualify



Threes away

Lowest point wins

Threes equal zero points all other dice equal thier face value

(must freeze out one die each roll)




High or low ( 1 die)

2 dice must be a pair and 2 dice equal to 7 or 11 to qualify



While the chart above offers a good selection of games to chose from ,Veto dice can be played with any combination of bar dice games the players chose.

Some play that both players reveal their dice after the game has been decided. 

Meire dice

Here is a liars dice variation that only needs two dice to play. I would like to thank Liz at the blog Doing Denmark for bringing it to my attention.

Players 3 or more
2 dice
Dice cup
Three chips or counters for each player

How to play

The first player rolls two dice keeping the result hidden from other players. The player then announces a combination of his or her choosing.

The cup and dice are passed to the next player. If he or she does not believe the call they raise the cup for all to see. The challenger loses if the last player’s call was correct. If the last player was incorrect the challenger wins.

If the player accepts the call, he or she looks at then rolls both dice keeping them hidden from the other players. After the player looks at his or her roll they must make a higher call than the last player. If after looking the player wishes to roll one more time they may, but they must not look at the dice after the new roll before making the call. The player may also chose not to look at the dice and repeat the same call or a higher one.

Ranks of calls

1 + 2: Meirer
3+1 little Meier
Pairs from 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 down to 1
6 + 5: 65
6 + 4: 64
63, 62, 61, 54, 53 etc. all the way down to 32

The losing players puts one chip into the pot. The last player with any chips is the winner.



If you are looking for a dice game game with a different twist, try this favorite from France. There are two phases. In the first phase the loser of the round takes chips from the pot. During the second phase the winner gives his or her chips to the loser of the round . The player who gives away the last of his or her chips wins.

Players 2 to 10

Three dice
Dice cup
Poker chips

How to play

Players decide if they want to play with 11, 21, or 41 poker chips. The chips are put in the center of the table

Combinations Rank and Value

421………………………………………..10 chips
111 ………………………………………….7 chips
116 and 666……………………………..6 chips
115 and 555…. …………………………5 chips
114 and 444……………………………..4 chips
113 and 333……………………………..3 chips
112 and 222……………………………..2 chips
Three numbers in sequence……..2 chips
All other combinations……………..1 chip

The combination of three number in sequence as well as the other remaining combinations are ranked by the highest number in the combination. For example a 654 beats a 543. Another example is a 652 beats a 643

A 221 is the lowest combination possible. When the losing player rolls a 221 they must take 2 chips regardless of what the highest combination rolled the round is.

The players roll one die each and the player who rolls the highest starts the first round of the game. After the game has started the player who lost the last round starts the next round.

During the first phase of the game each player in turn rolls the dice. If player wishes, they may re roll some or all of the dice another two times.

The player who rolls the lowest combination must take chips from the center of the table corresponding to the value of the highest roll of that round.

Ties are broken with a single roll between the tied players.

This continues untill all the chips have been taken from the pot. Then the second phase begins.

The players take turns rolling as before. However, now the player with the highest combination that round gives the corresponding number of chips to the player with the lowest hand of that round.

The player who gives away all of his or her chips first is the winner of the inning.

When a player wins two innings he or she wins the game.


Some play when a player runs out of chips they are out of that inning. The last player who has chips at the end of the inning is the loser. The first player to lose two innings buys the next round.

Player may also agree to start the with three chips in their pile and eleven chips in the middle of the table.

Players often play that a player can not re roll the dice more than the starting player.


Each player had his or her own cup and three dice. The players roll but keep the dice concealed from the other players. The players in turn call a combination. The next player in line can accept this call and make a equal or higher call. The player can also say call liar. If the player does not have the combination he or she called or higher they must take the number of chips corresponding to the combination called. However if the player does have the combination called or higher the player that called liar must take the corresponding chips.



Here is another great dice game from SanFrancisco. Played for stakes or the next round, it is easy to learn and fast to play.

Players: 2 or more
Dice cup
6 dice
How to play
1. Players ante the decided stake into the pot

2. Then players take turns rolling 6 dice. They must put aside at least one die if they chose to roll again. He or she can roll again as long as they have a die that has not been put aside.

3. To score a player must have a 1 and a 4 in there hand, without a 1 and a 4 they are disqualified. The remaining dice are there score.

4. If a tie players ante again and play a new round.

Milwaukee Bar Dice


If while in Milwaukee you hear the slam of a leather dice cup,it may mean you have found a game of Bar dice in full swing. Bar dice is a variant of Poker dice where aces play a special role.

Player 2 or more
Five dice
Dice cup

How to play

The players roll one die each. The player with the highest number goes first.

The first player has three throws to roll the best hand with five dice.

After the first throw the player can save any dice that help , provided an ace has been rolled or saved from a previous roll. A player with no ace must re roll all the dice. After the player rolls three or less times it is the next players turn.

If the first player choses not to use all three throws, the other players may only roll as many times as the first player did.

Hands are ranked from lowest to highest:
Pair (twos being the lowest sixes being the highest)
Three of a kind( twos being the lowest sixes being the highest)
Four of a kind( twos being the lowest sixes being the highest)
Five of a kind ( twos being the lowest sixes being the highest)

Aces are wild and can be used for any number.

When playing with two players Bar Dice is played best two out of three rounds. When playing with more players, the player who wins the round is eliminated from the game. This continues untll only two players are left. Then the two remaining player play best two out of three rounds.

Ties a re rolled between the players that tied.

The loser of the game often must buy the round for the group who is playing.

While there are many house rules the most common one is that a roll of five aces is an automatic loss.

Ship Captain Crew


Here is a dice game played in bars clubs around the United States. The players have three chances to roll a six,( the ship) a five ( the captain), a four (the crew), and the highest combination on the remaining two dice( the cargo). To keep it challenging the ship, captain and crew must be rolled in order.

Players 2 or more
Five dice for each player
Dice cup
How to play

Each player has up to three rolls

On the first throw all the players roll five dice at the same time. The player with the most qualifying dice or the highest score becomes the boss. The player who is boss waits while other players re roll their dice trying to roll more qualifying dice or tie/beat the score of the boss. That player then becomes the boss. Play moves clockwise around the table.

On the players turn he or she may save any dice that qualify and re roll the rest. To qualify a player must roll the six, five, and four in sequence. For example a player must roll a six before they can keep a five, a six and five before keeping a four.

Once a player rolls the qualifying dice he or she scores the value of the two remaining dice. If the scoring dice are re rolled they most be rolled together.

The player who rolls the highest score wins the round. Ties are replayed. First player to win three round wins the game.


Ship Captain Crew can be be played for low score rather than high

Some people play that scores from each round are added up. The player who first reaches a target score ( i.e. 50 points) wins the game.

Some play for stakes by anteing into a pot won at the end of the round. It can also be played each player pays the difference in their score to the winner.

When playing with larger groups some play that there is no boss. Each player rolls up to three times on his or her turn only.