This is a score pad I found in a Reykjavík bookstore. I think it is  for a form of Icelandic whist where each hand has a slightly different  set of rules and objectives. If any readers are familiar with it I would love to get the details on how to play.


2 thoughts on “Félagsvist

  1. I don’t speak a word of Icelandic, but with a little Google Translate magic it’s easy to figure out.

    The name translates as Association Whist. It’s played across multiple tables, with predetermined rules for how the winners move between tables.

    The trump is predetermined for each deal: the first deal is Spaði (Spades), then Hjarta (Hearts), Grand (Notrump), Tígull (Diamonds), Lauf (Clubs), and Nóló (Misère at no trump). After Nóló the cycle starts over.

    After each deal, the players get points for each trick the partnership won, except in Nóló where the players get points for each trick the opponents won. The players with most points after 24, 18 or 12 deals win.

    Some details are still unclear, but this should be the gist of it.



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