Hidden Xiang Qi

I discovered an intriguing Xiang Qi variant. It is played like tradtional Xiang Qi with the following differences. 

At the begining of the game all  of the player’s pieces  except the general are mixed up face down . The player then places the general on it’s normal postion in the fortress. The remains pieces are put  face down on spots for a normal starting postion.

A piece that is upside down moves like a piece whose starting postion it occupies. For example, an upside down piece that starts on the intersection where a chariot starts the game moves like a chariot. After a piece has had it’s first move, it is flipped over showing what kind of piece it is. A  piece that is flipped over moves as it tradtionaliy does in Xiang Qi. Elephants and Advisors may cross the river.

If anyone has experience playing this style of Xiang Qi, please write about it in the comments. 


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