Skelly, A New York Street Game


While visiting New York I wanted to find a place to play one of my favorite street games. After much searching, a Skelly court was found in a playground on Mulberry street.

Skelly is best with 3 to 6 players. Players use their  fingers to flick a bottel cap into each of the numbered boxes in order 1 thrue 13, and then back down 13 to 1. If the player’s cap is not inside the lines of the numbered box they were shooting for, the cap stays where it is and it is the next players turn. 

If a player’s cap lands in the outer box surrounding number 13( the dead box), the player is trapped untill hit  by another player who gets moves up two boxes in his or her sequence for knocking the player out of the dead box.

If a player’s cap hits another player’s cap, the shooters cap is moved to the next box in his or her sequence.

When a player has completed the full course from 1 to thirteen and back to 1, he or she can become a killer. The cap is flicked  from the 1 box to the 13 box. After reaching the thirteen box the player shoots to each of the 4 quadrants of the dead box and becomes a killer. If the player misses any of the four quadrants they must start again from the one box.  

A cap that is a killer can go into the dead square without being trapped.

When a killer hits another cap, that cap it is removed from the game.  When all but one cap is left in the game that player  is the winner. 

Some play if a killer cap is hit the shooters cap becomes a killer, other play that it he shooter’s cap is removed from the game.

If you have an experiences playing Skelly or making Skelly caps please share them in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Skelly, A New York Street Game

  1. I was born in 1960. Caps were pressed or obtained by pealing them out of the asphalt. That’s how they obtained their weight. The weight was needed to move around the court and have enough girth to bump other caps out.


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