Rengo………The Tag Team Go Game

If you are a Go player searching for a new challange, then try this variation of partnership Go. Players  playing with a partner take turns placing the stones on the board for the team. And just to make it a little more challanging, the players can not  consult with each other about what moves they should make.

Rengo is played like tradtional Go with the following changes.

A team is made  up of two players. One team plays black and the other plays white.   A player from one team plays a stone and then a player from the other team. Afterwards the player from the other team who did not place a stone that turn places a stone followed by the oposing teammate who had not placed a stone last turn.

During the game, the partners can not talk about the game except about the following execteptions. 

They may ask if it thier turn. 

Alert a player that they played out of sequence.

Ask  if the team can resign.

If an out of sequence play is noticed before the next play and it was intentional, the game is forfeit by the player. If unintentional there is a 3 prisoner penalty and normal rotation continues from the player who just played. No moves are undone.


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