Improvised Tarok Deck


Want to play Tarok but do not have the right deck, here is a solution. All you need is two decks of regular playing cards  with the same backing and a marker. From the first deck take out all the face cards, the Ace-4 of hearts and Diamonds, and 7-10 of Clubs and Spades. From the other deck we are going to take cards to be the trump suit and the cavaliers. Take all four Jacks and with the marker write a C next to the J in the corners. These are for the cavaliers. Take the Joker out and that will be used for the Škis. Finaly take the Ace-6 of spades and the 7-10 of Hearts and Diamonds. With these cards you can make the 21 cards needed for the trump suit. In the corners of the card write it’s rank Roman numerals. The Ace of spades is I all the way to the 10 of Diamond which is XXI. Now you are ready to play.


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