The Accidental Tarok Player


I discovered a new card game. by accident this month.  While was shopping online for a Jeu De Tarot deck I thought found a deck that I could afford. . When it arrived it did not look like the deck I remembered playing with.  I had bought a Slovenian Tarok deck by mistake. Luckily I was introduced to a man from Slovenia who explained some fine points Slovenian Tarok to me ,and now I am looking forward to my first game.


2 thoughts on “The Accidental Tarok Player

  1. I know I’ve read that tarot cards came first, and playing cards are a spin-off. Do you know if that’s true?

    • Playing cards actually come first. Most historians think from China. There were even games being played using the Tarot deck before they were used for fortune telling. If I can find the reference I will post it. Thanks so much for your comment.

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