Make a Shogi set with Scrabble tiles

If you are not sure that you are ready to invest in a Shogi set for your game collection, try this. Take an unwanted set of Scrabble  tiles, and make your own Shogi set. 

You will need the tiles, a black marker, and a red marker. Chose the letters you want to represent each piece. For example the G can be the gold general.  Then write in black the unpromoted letter for any tiles not already printed. Finaly write the letter in red on the back of the tile for when it is promoted.  Now all you need is to draw a 9X9 grid on paper or cloth and you are ready to play.

This set has a number of advantages. It is inexpensive, fast to make, and tiles are easier to pick up and move then a print a play set on card stock. This set also is useful to teach a person how to play Shogi if they are not familiar with or intimidated by the writing on tradtional Shogi pieces.

 If you have any ideas how to make this set better please share it in the comments.

notice the foot soilders this set uses I tiles for unpromoted and E tiles for the promoted side


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