Is Chess too easy for you? Then maybe it is time to try Shogi.  What makes Shogi so challanging is that players can place pieces they have captured back onto the board like paratroopers. Shogi has a strong following in Japan, and when you take the time to learn it you will discover why.

Players 2


A Shogi board and pieces

How to play

The pieces are set up as shown in the photo below, with the unprompted side( the black printing) up.


The moves of each piece are shown in the photos below.

The king can move one square in any direction


The gold general can move one space in any direction except diagonlly backwards


The Silver General can move one square along any diagonal or one space forward


A promoted Silver General moves like a Gold General


The Knight moves two spaces forward and one space to the left or the right, jumping over any piece.


A promoted Knight moves like a Gold General


A Lance can move forward any numberof squares, but can not jump over any piece.


A promoted Lance moves like a Gold General


The Diagonal-Mover can move any number of spaces in a diagonal direction, just like a Bishop in Chess


A promoted Dianonal-Mover is also called a Dragon King and can move like a king or Diagonal-Mover


A Flying Chariot moves like a Rook in Chess, any number of squares along a straight line



A promoted Flying Chariot or Dragon Horse moves like a Flying Chariot or a King


A Foot Soilder moves forward one square

A promoted foot solider moves like a Gold General.


A piece can capture a opponent’s piece by landing on it. The captured piece is is removed from the board and placed on the right side of the board. Some sets may have a special platform to place the captured pieces.

On a player’s turn they move one of  his or her piece or drop a piece they have captured on a empty square on the board.

A dropped piece is always dropped unpromoted. A player can not drop a Foot Solider in a file with another of his or her unpromoted Foot Solider.

A Foot Solider can not be dropped into check mate

No piece can be dropped onto a square where it will have no future moves.

Every piece except the King and Gold General can promote.  A piece can promote when it moves into ,within, or leaves the final three ranks of the board. Promotion is optional unless there is no further legal future move. A promoted piece is flipped over so that the red printing shows and it moves as shown above in the photos.

When the king is under attack from another piece he or she is in “check”. A player can not perpetualy put King in check by repeating the same board postion. The player who started this situation is oblige to make a different move.

The game is won by check mating the opposing King. If the King is attacked and can not move out of danger, block the attack with another piece or capture the attacking piece  the player is checkmated.



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