Texas 42


Here is a trick taking game played with dominos instead of cards. 42 is the official state domino game of Texas and has a strong following of players all over the United States.

Players 4 players playing in teams of two

Double six set of dominos
Score pad

How to play

The dominos are shuffled and each player takes seven

The player who has the 1:0 domino begins the biding. Each player in turn has one chance to bid or pass. The lowest bid is 30 points the highest is 42 points. Each bid must be higher than the the preceding bid.

The winner of the bid names the trump suit for the hand. Trump is like a suit in card games. A domino from the trump suit beats any other domino from a non trump suit. The trump suit can be blanks, 1,2,3,4,5,6, or doubles.

The player who won the bid leads the first trick. The player may choses to lead a domino from the trumps or another suit. If the domino is not from the trump suit, the suit of the led domino is the higher of it’s two numbers . The other players must play a domino that has at least one number from the suit of the led domino if possible. If they are unable to follow suit they may play any domino they chose including a trump.

The trick is won by the highest ranking trump domino played. If a trump has not been played the trick is won by the highest ranking domino of the suit that was led.

Dominos are ranked from highest to lowest: double, 6,5,4,3,2,1, blank. If doubles have been called trumps the doubles are a separate suit and ranked from 6 down to blank.

The winner of the trick collects the dominos leaving them face up. The winner of the last trick leads the next trick.

After all seven tricks have been played the partners count the points they have scored. The team gets 1 point for every trick they won. The 5:0, 4:1, and the 3:2 dominos are worth an extra five points if collected in a trick. The 5:5 and 6:4 dominos are worth an extra 10 points if collected in a trick. This makes the total number of possible points in a hand to be 42.

If the team that won the bid has a score that is equal to or greater than the bid they made , they win a mark. If the team that won bid has a score lower than their bid, the opposing team wins a mark.

The first team to get seven marks wins the game. Some players score marks by writing the word ALL on the score sheet. Each straight line in the word is a mark.


Some people play that the points collected in the tricks become part of the team’s overall game score. However,if the partnership that won the bid did not collect as many points or more than the bid ,they collect no points. The opposing team collects a bonus of the amount bid as well as the points they collected when their opponent fails to make the bid. The first team to 250 points wins the game.

Some people play that the winner of the bid may call no trump suit. This is called “follow me”.


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