Sette e mezo


Played around Christmas time, Sette e mezo is Italy’s take on Black Jack. Player’s try to get the highest possible score without exceeding 7½.

Players 2 or more
Deck of cards with the 8,9, and 10 removed
Chips to use for wagers

How to play

All numbered cards are worth their face value. The Ace is worth one point. Face cards are worth a 1/2 point. King of Diamonds(or coins if playing with an Italin Deck) is wild.

Each player is playing against the dealer. Every player except the dealer stakes a wager. The maximum and minimum wager is decided by the dealer.

The dealer gives each player one card face down.

On the player’s turn he or she looks at their face down card. If player choses he or she may receive another card. If the player’s cards value is less than 7 1/2, he or she may continue to receive another card. If the player has cards that value over 7 1/2 points he or she “busts” and instantly loses the wager they made.

When a player decides that he or she does not want another card, they stand. The turn then goes to the next player.

The dealer plays last. He or she may take cards or stand. If the dealer busts he or she pay the amount wagered by the remaining players who have not busted. After the dealer stands, any player whose cards are equal or less than the value of the dealer’s loses the wager. Any player whose card value greater than the dealer wins his or her wager.

A player whose cards equal exactly 7 1/2 wins double his or her bet and becomes the new dealer.

When a player has been dealt a 7 then receives another 7 as his or her second card, it is displayed immediately and is an instant win

Unless a player wins with a 7 1/2 the deal does not change. The deck is also not shuffeled until it has run out of cards.


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