Meire dice

Here is a liars dice variation that only needs two dice to play. I would like to thank Liz at the blog Doing Denmark for bringing it to my attention.

Players 3 or more
2 dice
Dice cup
Three chips or counters for each player

How to play

The first player rolls two dice keeping the result hidden from other players. The player then announces a combination of his or her choosing.

The cup and dice are passed to the next player. If he or she does not believe the call they raise the cup for all to see. The challenger loses if the last player’s call was correct. If the last player was incorrect the challenger wins.

If the player accepts the call, he or she looks at then rolls both dice keeping them hidden from the other players. After the player looks at his or her roll they must make a higher call than the last player. If after looking the player wishes to roll one more time they may, but they must not look at the dice after the new roll before making the call. The player may also chose not to look at the dice and repeat the same call or a higher one.

Ranks of calls

1 + 2: Meirer
3+1 little Meier
Pairs from 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 down to 1
6 + 5: 65
6 + 4: 64
63, 62, 61, 54, 53 etc. all the way down to 32

The losing players puts one chip into the pot. The last player with any chips is the winner.


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