Chinese Poker


Time for some Poker multitasking. In this game the players arrange their 13 cards into three poker hands. These hands must beat the corresponding poker hands made by the other players.

Players 2-4

52 card deck and poker chips

How to play

Each player divides their hand into a backhand made of five cards, a middle hand of five cards, and a front hand of three cards.

The back hand must be the highest ranking poker hand the player has. The middle hand will be the second highest hand . The front hand will be the weakest hand the player has.

The front hand can have three types of hands . These are a three of a kind, a pair, or a high card.

When the players are ready they place their cards face down in front of them with front hand nearest the center of the table, then middle and back.

Then the players expose the three hands. The front hands of each player are compared . The players win a chip from each player whose front hand he or she beats. The same procedure is done with the middle and back hand.

There are many variations of scoring, house rules, and special hands in this game. I would be interested to hear from any reader who would like to share some of their variations in the comments.


One thought on “Chinese Poker

  1. This reminds me of Asian Poker, popular at some casinos (and similar to Pai Gow). I think my family will love this! I thought I knew a lot of games, but going through your blog makes me realize… so many games… so little time.


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