The Search For Giant Games


I am on the look out for oversized traditional games that can be used to play in a park or festival setting.If any reader can help me find examples of homemade or bought traditional games, pleases write about it in the comments.




This card game from Louisiana is not for the feint of heart. All the players at the table are trying to collect the majority of five tricks. The winner collects the stakes wagered during that hand. But beware, because any player who fails to collect a trick must match the amount in the pot. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Players 2-8


Standard 52 card deck of cards
Poker chips

How to play

• All players ante one chip to the pot
• The deal and play go to the left. The dealer gives 5 cards face down to each player, except for the dealer’s last card which is face up. This fliped card determines trump suit
• On the players turn he or she can pass or play. If the player passes they are not going to play that hand.
• The remaining active players may discard 1 -5 cards and get new cards.
• If turn up card is an ace dealer must play that hand.
• If all players but one pass,that remaining player wins the pot.
• The active player to the left of dealer leads first trick. Winner of the previous trick leads next trick.
• Players must follow suit, and player a higher card if they can. If a player can not follow suit they must play the highest trump they have. If they have no trumps and can not follow suit they may play any card they chose.
• Highest card of suit or the highest trump wins trick.
• If a player can win three tricks no mater how the cards are played this is called a cinch. When leading with a cinch the player must lead with highest trump.
• Winner of the most tricks wins the pot
• If a tie for most tricks occurs then the pot stays on the table. All players except for the tie players re-ante and the hand is replayed.
• A Bourre is a player who takes no tricks must ante the total amount of the last pot for the next hand.

Bourré is a game with many variations and house rules. Be sure to ask for a review the rules before begin to play.

Chinese Poker


Time for some Poker multitasking. In this game the players arrange their 13 cards into three poker hands. These hands must beat the corresponding poker hands made by the other players.

Players 2-4

52 card deck and poker chips

How to play

Each player divides their hand into a backhand made of five cards, a middle hand of five cards, and a front hand of three cards.

The back hand must be the highest ranking poker hand the player has. The middle hand will be the second highest hand . The front hand will be the weakest hand the player has.

The front hand can have three types of hands . These are a three of a kind, a pair, or a high card.

When the players are ready they place their cards face down in front of them with front hand nearest the center of the table, then middle and back.

Then the players expose the three hands. The front hands of each player are compared . The players win a chip from each player whose front hand he or she beats. The same procedure is done with the middle and back hand.

There are many variations of scoring, house rules, and special hands in this game. I would be interested to hear from any reader who would like to share some of their variations in the comments.