Pitty Pat


This easy to learn card game is said to be popular in Belize.

Players 2 or more
Standard deck and a score pad
How to play

• The Dealer gives five cards to each player. The dealer then places the next card face up to start the discard pile.

• On their turn each player plays a card that matches the rank of the card on top of the discard pile. When a match is made that player then can play another card on the discard pile. The players turn is then over

• If the player cannot make a match they flip a card from the stock on to the discard pile. If they can match this new discard they play the card that matches it and another card on top of that. The player’s turn is then over.

• First player to go run out of cards wins a point. The first player to make 5 points wins the game.

Some play going out with two matching cards in your hand wins the match


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