Ten Penny Knock


Here is a Dominos game I learned about from the Arthur R. Taylor’s book Pub Games. A variation on block dominos, it gives a bonus to the player who can force the other players to pass.

I would be very interested to hear from any readers who know if this game is still played in English pubs.

Player 2 or more
Double six or double nine dominos
Plenty of dimes and nickels
How to play

The players are playing for themselves. The players shuffle the dominos face down on the table, and each player draws seven.

The player with the highest double leads the hand.

Players in turn add dominos to the lay out that have a matching number to one end or the other.

If player can not play a matching number it is a pass . The passing player pays ten cents to the player who played the last domino.

Play continues till a player runs out of dominos. This player is the winner, and collects from each player 5 cents for each pip on the dominos remaining in their hand.

If the game becomes blocked and no one can play on the layout, the player with the lowest pips is paid the difference between his or her and the others player’s dominos.


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