Choutte, Playing Backgammon With Back Up


Here is a chance to gang up on your friends who play Backgammon. One person plays against a team of players who can give advice to the team captain. Played for money or for fun, this is a very exciting form of the game.

Players 3 or more

Backgammon board
15 light stones and15 dark stones
Pair of dice
Dice cup
A doubling cube for each player

How to play

At the beginning of the game all the players roll two dice. The player with the highest roll is the “Box” . The Box is the person who plays against the team. The second highest rolling player becomes the team captain. The remaining players are put in a rotation order according to their rolls.

The game is played with the regular Backgammon rules. The captain handles the checkers and dice for the team. He or she also has the final say on how the checkers will be played. However ,the captain can ask for advice from any team member . A player whose doubling cube has been turned at least once during the current game can offer advice without the captain asking.

Each team member has his or her own doubling cube. They may offer a double to the box or accept a double from the box independently of their teammates

The positions of the players are rotated after each game. When the box wins against the captain, he or she remains the box. When the captain wins, he or she becomes the box for the next game. The loser goes to the bottom of the rotation order and all other players move up one spot.

If the captain refuses a double from the box ,he or she loses that game. The next active player in rotation takes over as captain for the remainder of that game. The acting captain does not effect the rotation.

If the Box refuses a double from the captain he loses that game. The next active player in the rotation takes over as captain. At the end of the game the Box moves to the end of the rotation. The original captain becomes the box.

Any other player can refuse a double without effecting game play. They also can win if the Box refuses their double without effecting game play.

Each player keeps a running score, of the number of points won or lost in each game.


One thought on “Choutte, Playing Backgammon With Back Up

  1. You taught me backgammon at the international game day at your library event. This looks like a really interesting variation! I think I would need to practice with the traditional rules a bit more before jumping into this one though 🙂


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