Check out this interesting checkers variant from Senegal. The players take turns placing their checkers on the board or moving the checkers he or she has already placed . When a capture is made the player gets to pick an additional piece to remove from the board. This makes for a fast paced game with dramatic changes in fortune.

Players 2
Twelve light checkers and twelve dark
6 X 5 checkerboard
How to play

• The players take turns placing one of their twelve checkers on an empty square or moving one of their checkers that is already on the board

• Checkers can be moved one square orthogonally to an empty square

• A player may capture their opponents checker by jumping over it to the empty square behind the checker being captured. The captured checker is removed from the board. The player then removes an extra checker of his or her oponent’s that is on the board. Multiple captures are possible, and the player may remove an extra counter for each one made. Captures are not mandatory .

• The player who captures all their opponents counters wins the game. A player also wins if the opponent is trapped and can not move any of his or her checkers.

• If both players are reduced to three or less counters the game may be called a draw.

Here is a video of a Yoté game in action. Notice that the board is simply a 5X6 grid of holes made in the sand.

I am not certain how popular Yoté still is. If any readers have experience with this game ,please share it in the comments.


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