Draw Dominoes



Draw Dominos is a popular variation where you need to be lucky and skillfull.

Players  2-4
Equipment double six set of dominoes in score pad
How to play

• Depending on house rules players draw three, four, five dominoes to start.

• On the first round the person with the highest double plays first.

• On his or her turn a player must match the number on either end of the dominoes layout with one of the numbers from their dominoes.

• If the player cannot play he or she takes a domino from the “bone yard” which is the leftover dominoes in the set. If a player can not play and only two dominos remain in the bone yard he or she loses a turn.

• Players continue to take turns until, a player plays all of their dominoes . This player is the winner.

• The winner gets the points left over in his opponent’s hands. If no one can play with the layout is blocked, the player with the lowest amount of points in his hand wins the round gets the difference between the points left in his hand in his opponents.


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