Bagh Chal


Bagh Chal is a Nepalese board game of unequal forces pitted against each other. Goats are placed on the board one at a time in a attempt to block the movement of the tigers . The out numbered tigers prowl the board trying to capture five Goats.

Players 2
A Bagh Chal board
20 checkers for the goats
4 checkers for the tigers

How to play

The game starts with the tigers placed on the four corners of the board. The goats begin the game off the board.

The goats make the first play of the game. On the goats turn, a goat is placed onto a empty intersection of the board.

On the tiger’s turn , a tiger is moved along the line to a adjacent intersection.

Tigers can capture goats by jumping over them along a line to a adjacent empty intersection. Tigers can only make one capture a turn. There is no obligation to capture. A tiger can not jump over another tiger.

Goats can only move after all twenty goats have been placed on the board. A goat moves along the lines to a empty adjacent intersection. Goats can’t jump or capture.

The goats win if they can block all four tigers so that none of them can move. The tigers win by capturing five goats.


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