The beauty and mental challenge of Go has attracted players for over two thousands years. Players take turns placing stones on the board in an attempt to surround territory, while keeping their stones safe from capture. After a few games you see why Go has such a strong following.

Players 2


Go board (19X19 grid is standard, a 13X13 or 9X9 grid can be used for shorter games)
White and black Go stones

How to play

• Starting with the black, the players place stones on the intersections of the grid.

• Once placed, stones are not moved unless captured. A capture occurs when all of the stones in a group are surrounded with no liberties (available free adjacent spaces no diagonals) Group of stones shares liberties if they are in a connected along the lines of the board.

• A stone can not be place in a position where it has no liberties.

• Repetition of a position (which is sometimes called Ko) is not allowed, and the player is forced to make a different move.

• When a player feels it is no longer to his advantage to move, he or she may pass. When both players consecutively pass, the game is over.

• The players decide which stones are dead (a stone that would eventually be captured by one side or the other). If there is a dispute, it is best to simply continue play.

• Captured stones are added to the score of the person capturing them.

• Each player is also awarded a point for every surrounded empty intersection. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. .



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