Quoits at The Red Lion Pub in Newbrough



I had a chance to watch a Quoits match while visiting the Red Lion Pub in Newbrough. Quoits is a game similar to Horseshoes. Rather than a bed of sand , the target pin for Quoits is wet clay. This means that when the metal rings hit they often sink into the clay.

The Quoit that is thrown closest to the pin earns a point. If the two closest Quoits were thrown by the same that player gets two points. A player gets two points for a quoit that lands over the pin. If an opponent throws a Quoit on top of ringer, only only the top quoit scores.

Here is example of the type of Quoits being thrown at this match.



Milwaukee Bar Dice


If while in Milwaukee you hear the slam of a leather dice cup,it may mean you have found a game of Bar dice in full swing. Bar dice is a variant of Poker dice where aces play a special role.

Player 2 or more
Five dice
Dice cup

How to play

The players roll one die each. The player with the highest number goes first.

The first player has three throws to roll the best hand with five dice.

After the first throw the player can save any dice that help , provided an ace has been rolled or saved from a previous roll. A player with no ace must re roll all the dice. After the player rolls three or less times it is the next players turn.

If the first player choses not to use all three throws, the other players may only roll as many times as the first player did.

Hands are ranked from lowest to highest:
Pair (twos being the lowest sixes being the highest)
Three of a kind( twos being the lowest sixes being the highest)
Four of a kind( twos being the lowest sixes being the highest)
Five of a kind ( twos being the lowest sixes being the highest)

Aces are wild and can be used for any number.

When playing with two players Bar Dice is played best two out of three rounds. When playing with more players, the player who wins the round is eliminated from the game. This continues untll only two players are left. Then the two remaining player play best two out of three rounds.

Ties a re rolled between the players that tied.

The loser of the game often must buy the round for the group who is playing.

While there are many house rules the most common one is that a roll of five aces is an automatic loss.