Acey Deucey is a Backgammon variant popular with American sailors. It shares the same objective as backgammon. However, there are two important differences . The first is the checkers start off the board. The second difference is seen when an Acey Deucey is rolled. Rolling a one and a two gives you a bonus move of the double of your choice and a re roll of the dice. This can lead to some exciting comebacks.

Players 2


Backgammon board
15 light checkers and15 dark checkers
Pair of dice

How to play

• When playing Acey Deucey all the men start off the board.

• On the first roll each player rolls one die . The player with the highest number re-rolls and goes first.

• On the players turn he or she rolls two dice. Each die represents one move, or bringing a checker onto the board. Doubles are used twice. A roll of an ace and a deuce means the player moves the 1 and 2, then any double of his or her choosing, and finally re-rolls the dice. If the player can not use a number they forfeit the rest of the turn.

• A player’s checker can land on any empty triangle, any triangle that has his or her color checkers on, or any triangle that has just one of the opponent’s checkers on it.

• If a player lands on just one of their opponents checkers that checker sent to the bar . The opponent must re-enter the checker onto his or her outer table before anymore moves can be made.

• To bear off all of the players checkers must be on the inner table. The inner table is the quarter of the board directly across from the players starting position. When bearing off the player can either take a checker off the board from the number indicated or move a checker forward. If the player rolls a number that does not have any checkers they can bear off the next highest number if there are no checkers on higher triangles.


Some people play that checkers left on the board after one player has removed all his or her checkers are the points the player won.

Others play that you must roll the exact number when bearing off checkers.


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