Dama is a popular checkers variant from Turkey. Unlike most checkers games the pieces do not move diagonally. In Dama the pieces move forwards or sideways, with kings that move like a Rook in Chess. This change in movement creates a very complex and exciting game.

Players: 2
8X8 checker board
16 white checkers and 16 dark checkers
How to play
Checkers are put on every square of the players second and third rows as shown in the photo.

Checkers move one square forward or left or right.

A capture occurs when a checkers hops over an opponent’s checker to the empty square on the other side and taking the checker of the board. The player may make multiple captures if after hoping a checker and taking it off the board there is another checker that can be captured by the same checker.

Captures are mandatory and a player must chose the move the gets the most captures possible.

If a checker reaches the opponents first row the checker is promoted to a king. A king can move as many spaces as it likes forward backward or sided to side. When a king makes a capture it may land on any empty square on the other side of the opponents checker.

A player wins by capturing all there opponent’s checkers or blocking them so they can not move.

Be sure to look at this youtube clip of a dramatic end game.



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