5 Reasons to play against a computer when learning a new game.

A few months ago I purchased a Tứ sắc deck. I was having difficulty understanding the rules, and I had no one nearby to teach me. So I downloaded a Tứ sắc program on my computer and began to play. This is when I discovered why programs like this are such a great tool for learning to play classic games.

1. It is an opportunity to learn by doing.
Many people can learn a game more effectively by playing it rather than reading about it in a rule book. Using a computer program allows you to start playing from from day one. This makes learning a game an enjoyable act of discovery and exploration.

2. The computer is available on your schedule.
A computer is ready when ever you are. While playing on a computer you can begin and end the game at your convience. You can even pause mid game to review the rules to discover why the game is progressing the way it is

3. When you play against a computer it is in a controlled environment.The computer program’s job is to enforce the rules. It will not allow you to make an illegal move. This allows you to learn without worrying if you have misunderstood or forgotten any of the rules.

4. Learning to play on a computer can be less intimidating then learning from another player.
Making mistakes in front of others can be an unpleasant experience for many. It often keeps people from learning and trying new things. However, a computer has no opinion on how fast you are learning. It does not get frustrated if you repeat the same mistake over and over. It makes a great non judgmental teacher.

5. Playing against a computer is a confidence builder.
After playing a few games against a computer you can play your your first human opponent certain you have a understanding of the rules. This will allow you to focus on enjoying the game rather than mechanics of it. You also may have started to notice what the computer is doing to win the game. This increases your knowledge of the strategy and tactics of the game.


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