20140403-191942.jpgPişti. Is considered by some to be the national card game of Turkey. It is partnership game where players attempt to capture cards by matching the card on the top of the discard pile. Pişti apears simple at first. However, after playing an experienced team will demonstrate The games’s depth.

Players: 4 playing as partners
(It can be played with two players or four players each playing for themselves. )

52 card deck standard
note paper for keeping score

How to play

The dealer shuffles and let’s the player to the left cut and show the now bottom card to everyone. If the card cut is a jack the deck must be cut again.

Dealer then deals four face down cards on the the table and a group of four cards each to each player.

The left over cards are put next to the four table cards with the bottom card turned and face up at an angle to the deck for all to see.

The dealer flips the top card of the four table cards to start the discard pile. If it’s a jack the dealer flips the next of the table cards.

Play moves to the right. On the players turn he or she places a card from their hand on the discard pile. If the rank of the top card is the same as the card played, the player captures the whole pile. The player keeps the pile face down on there side of the table. Jacks are wild and always capture the pile. If the player did not capture the card played becomes the new top card.

After capture the card played by the next player becomes the top card.

After all cards in the player’s hand have been played, four new cards are dealt. These continues until the dealer exhausts the stock and gets the exposed bottom card.

When all the cards are played any remaining cards in the discard pile are collected by the player who made the last capture.

When the discard pile has one card and it is captured this is called a Pişti. The capturing team gets 10 points. Place the card face up in the capture pile to keep track of it. When the card captured is a jack captured by another jack it is worth 20 points. This is a double Pişti. However , there is no bonus for a jack capturing a single card that is not a Jack.

Captured cards earn the following points:

Jacks and aces are worth 1 point

2 of clubs are worth 2 points

10 of diamonds are worth 3 points

The team who captured the most cards earns 3 points. (in event of a tie no points are awarded.)

Each Pişti a team makes is earns 10 points( double Pişti is worth 20 points).

151 point wins game

score is kept 50 point boxes as shown in the photo above. Points left over after drawing the box are recorded in number form at the bottom of the score sheet.


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