Ship Captain Crew


Here is a dice game played in bars clubs around the United States. The players have three chances to roll a six,( the ship) a five ( the captain), a four (the crew), and the highest combination on the remaining two dice( the cargo). To keep it challenging the ship, captain and crew must be rolled in order.

Players 2 or more
Five dice for each player
Dice cup
How to play

Each player has up to three rolls

On the first throw all the players roll five dice at the same time. The player with the most qualifying dice or the highest score becomes the boss. The player who is boss waits while other players re roll their dice trying to roll more qualifying dice or tie/beat the score of the boss. That player then becomes the boss. Play moves clockwise around the table.

On the players turn he or she may save any dice that qualify and re roll the rest. To qualify a player must roll the six, five, and four in sequence. For example a player must roll a six before they can keep a five, a six and five before keeping a four.

Once a player rolls the qualifying dice he or she scores the value of the two remaining dice. If the scoring dice are re rolled they most be rolled together.

The player who rolls the highest score wins the round. Ties are replayed. First player to win three round wins the game.


Ship Captain Crew can be be played for low score rather than high

Some people play that scores from each round are added up. The player who first reaches a target score ( i.e. 50 points) wins the game.

Some play for stakes by anteing into a pot won at the end of the round. It can also be played each player pays the difference in their score to the winner.

When playing with larger groups some play that there is no boss. Each player rolls up to three times on his or her turn only.


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