Fives and Threes Dominos


Fives and Threes is a pub game that will put your math skills to the test. Unlike most domino games players do not earn points by the left over pips on the opponents dominos. In this game players earn points when the ends of the layout equal a multiple of five or three. To make it even more challenging in order to win you must score exactly 61 points. If you go over 61 you bust and return to your original score. So if you are up for a challenge, grab your dominos and try Fives and Threes

Players 2-4
Double six set of dominos
Score pad or Cribbage board
How to play

The players pick a domino from the face down pack. The player who picks the dominos with the most pips leads the first hand. The next hand is lead by the player to the left of who lead the last hand.

Players then pick their dominos

If there are 2 players they pick 7 Dominos
If there are 3 or 4 players pick 5 dominos
The remaining Dominos are not used during the hand

The first player may lead with any domino they chose.The play moves clockwise. On the players turn he or she places a domino with a matching numbered spots on either end of the domino layout. If a player cannot play, he or she knocks on table and loses their turn. A player may not knock if he or she is able to play a tile.


When a player has added a tile to the layout, the two open ends are totaled. If this total is a multiple of five, three or both, the player scores

The possible scoring totals are:

3 is 1 point
5 is 1 point
6 is 2 points
9 is 3 points
10 is 2 points
12 is 4 points
15 is 8 points (because it is divisible by five and three)
18 is 6 points
20 is 4 points

Doubles count the total of their pips when they are at an open end of the layout. So in the photo above the double five and the blank score 10 for 2 points

The player who plays their last domino earns 1 point. When playing teams both players on the team must must play all their Dominos to earn the point.

A blocked game earns no score.

The game is played to 61 points exactly. If the player scores more than 61 the score is returned to what it was before the last play was scored.


Games can be played to 31 or 121 points rather than 61.

Some play with no score for playing all your dominos

Some play that the first tile played in a hand cannot be used to win a game.

Some play a player scores 1 point per pip when the total number of pips on the exposed ends of the tiles in the layout is a multiple of 3 or a multiple of 5. So if the ends add up to ten the player scores ten points. If the ends are a multiple of three and five score double. The winner of the hand also earns a score from the total number of pips left in his opponents’ hands (1 point per 1 pip). This variation is usually played to 251 points. And the score does not have to be exact.

Some play that if players can not play they must draw a domino from the remaining dominos.


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