Crown and Anchor

Crown and anchor is a game played different forms all over the world. It is a simple gambling game that requires good luck to come out ahead. The object of the game is to bet on which symbol will be rolled by any of the three dice. In social games I do not know how the players decide who will be the dealer. Since odds are firmly stacked in the dealer’s favor, having an opportunity to play as the dealer could be a good idea. If any readers have experiences playing this game please leave a comment.

Three dice, a dice cup, a canvas or felt the layout with the symbols of the dice.
2 or more
How to play
There is one dealer and as many players as the dealer can afford to play against. The players bet by placing their wager on the square that has the symbol that they think is going to come up on one or more of the three dice that the dealer’s rolls. When the dealer rolls he or she he pays an equal amount for every time the symbol is shown on the dice. Let’s say a player places a dollar on the anchor and a dollar on the spade. If the dealer rolls two anchors and a heart the player would be paid two dollars for his anchor bet, and lose his dollar on the spade.


In Vietnam this game is called bau cua cá cop, and is often played during Tet. It is played the same way, but the dice are shaken in a cover bowl , and have different pictures as shown bellow.




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