Similar to Yahtzee, Cacho is a dice game popular in cafes and night spots of Boliva. The object is to get the highest score by rolling certain combinations. To win you need good luck and an understanding of probabilities.

Players: 2-6
Five dice
A dice cup
Paper and pencil to keep score

How to play

Each player gets a maximum of three rolls to get the best score they can in each of 10 categories.

Players take turns rolling the dice to score one category at a time.

After the player’s first roll, the player must declare what category he or she will score. The player may then set aside one or more dice and roll the remaining. If the player wishes to change which category he or she wants to score, all the dice must be rolled again.

The player then scores his dice on the announced score category

Scores are as follows:

The numbers category are worth the sum of the pips from the dice that score. For example, three 2’s count 6 points, or two 6”s count 12 points. The remaining dice do not score any points.

A Straight made by rolling all the numbers in sequential order. On the first roll it is worth 25 points, or 20 points if scored after using a re-roll

A Full house made up of a pair and a three of a kind. It is worth 35 points on the first roll, or 30 points after a re-roll.

A Four of a kind is worth 45 points or 40 points if scored after a re-roll

Five of a kind rolled on the first roll is an instant win ( called a Grandes de mano), on
a re-roll it is worth 50 points( called a grandes) . You can score only two grandes a game after that they are only worth there face value

Scores are recorded on a cross hatch like the one in the photo above. 1-3 scored on the far left side and 4-6 on the far right. The straight, full house, and four of a kind are scored top to bottom in the middle row. Grandes are scored underneath the cross hatch.

Play continues until every section of the cross hatch are filled with a score or an X. Then the scores are added together the person with the highest is the winner.

Traditionally scoring marks in the center column are are not the points scored. Instead write “O” for making the category on a re-roll , an “X” for not making the category , and a “5” for making the category on the first roll of your turn. The scoring mark for “Grande” is a “$” placed just underneath the cross hatch


* Cacho can be played for stakes. The players put an agreed amount in the pot and the winner collects. It is also sometimes played as a drinking game. The loser of the game must drain their glass dry.

* There is variation of Cacho where each player has three cross hatches that are be played all at once. The hatches are in a column with the top one worth one game point, the middle one is worth 2 game points, and the bottom one worth 3 game points. After the players first roll they chose which category they will try for, but wait till the end of the turn to decide which cross hatch it will go on.

* Cacho can also be played with partners. On the teams’s turn each player of the team takes a turn rolling the dice. The team then picks which players roll will be scored on the cross hatch for that turn.

* Generala is a very similar game that is played in Puerto Rico. It is played like Cacho except you do not have to chose the category you want to score till after you are finished rolling the dice. If played for for stakes the winner collects the difference between their score and the losers score.


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