Thai checkers


Mak-hot is Thailand’s own version of the classic game of checkers. It is a interesting variation where the number of pieces are reduced and the power of the kings is increased.

Players 2
Equipment 8X8 Checker
board 8 white checkers and 8 dark checkers

How to play

Checkers are set up on just the dark squares of the player’s first two rows as shown in the photo above.

Checkers move forward on the diagonal one square.

Checkers can capture forward on the diagonal by hoping over the opponents checker and landing on the empty square behind it . Captures are immediately taken off the board. If there is another checker that can be capture when it lands it continues to hop. Captures are mandatory, but players do not have to chose the move that makes the most captures.

When a checker reaches the back row it becomes a king. A king moves as many empty squares as the player wish forward or backwards on the diagonal. When a king captures it hops the opponent’s checker and lands on the empty square on a diagonal line directly behind the captured checker. Captures are immediately taken off the board

A player wins when he or she captures all the opponents’ checkers or blocks them so the opponent has no legal move.


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