Six Love Dominos


Here is a game from Jamaica to really test your skills as a domino player. In six love dominos the winner of the match is not the team that accumulates the most points left over in the opponent’s hand. In this game a team must win six games in a row to win the match. That means, when the other team breaks the winning streak by winning a hand all the scores rest to zero.


Four players playing in teams of two

A set of double six dominoes
Score pad

How to play

Teammates sit across from each other. The game starts by shuffling the dominos face down.

Each player picks seven for their hand.

The player with double six domino starts the hand. The lay out has only two ends that can be played on. Each player in turn plays a domino whose number matches either end of the layout on the table. The matching numbers are placed on the lay out so that they touch. Doubles are often placed crossways to help keep track of doubles played.

If a player cannot play on either end of the layout they are skipped. Players can signal this by tapping the table or just saying pass.

The first player to have played all their dominoes wins the hand for their team

If no player can play on the layout the player with the lowest number of points left on their dominos wins the hand for their team. In the event of a tie between the players with the lowest dominos, the hand is replayed and is worth two hands rather than one. If the tie breaker is a tie it is replayed and is worth three. Each tie breaker continues to accumulate games until a team wins the hand.

The team that won the last hand leads the next one

Each hand won is worth one point. A team can add new points to their score only if the opposing team’s score is zero. If a team wins a hand after the opposing team has scored any points, the opposing team’s score goes to zero. The first team to win six points while the opposing teams score is zero wins the match.


For a faster game try playing Straight Six. In this variation the team who is the first to win six hands wins the match. Unlike six love, when the opposing team wins a hand the scores are not reset.

Another variation is called Cut Throat. There are four players and no teams. The player who wins six hands with at least one player at the table that had won no hands is the winner of the match. If all the players at the table have won at least one hand all the scores reset to zero.


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