Great ideas for game tokens and counters

There are many games that use counters to keep score, but poker chips or other manufactured counters are not always convenient to use. This is when home made or improvised counters come to the rescue. With a little imagination many every day objects can be turned into counters for a game.

When it comes to game counters there is nothing like the weight and feel of real metal coins. This is why keeping a collection of foreign coins in your game box can come in handy. However ,if acquiring enough coins to play proves difficult, why not try collecting a stash of old arcade tokens. Tokens have the look and feel of real coins and are easy to find cheaply.

Matchsticks or toothpicks can easily turned into game counters. They are cheap, portable, and available in most places. If you cut the heads of the matchsticks they can even be taken on a plane. To turn them into different point denominations try adding some color with a marker or nail polish. Use a different color for each denomination .


When searching for game counters do not forget to check in the pantry. A bag beans or nuts unshelled could provide with more than enough counters to play with. If play for candies, it is a good idea to pick type that is individually wrapped. Even after lots of handling individually wrapped candies are still fit to eat.


Popsicle sticks can easily be turned into mahjong style game counters. Traditional mahjong tallies are bone or plastic sticks with dots painted that resemble the dots on dominos. To turn your popsicle sticks into tallies cut them in half and round the edges with sand paper. Then write the tallies denomination with a marker. For extra style points use the domino style dots of the tradtional tallies.

If you have any ideas for improvised game counters, please share them in the comments .


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