Up Jenkins

Looking for a game to play with a large group of friends? Try Up Jenkins. After being featured in an episode of “The Office” , this Old English pub favorite has once more become popular.

Six or more split up into even teams
A coin or ring and a score pad
How to play

Flip a coin to decide who is going be the first team to hide the coin. The team that wins the toss puts there hands underneath the table and passes the coin from hand-to-hand trying to conceal it’s location from the other team.

When the other team’s captain calls up Jenkins the team with coin brings their fists up in the air and puts elbows on the table. The other team then calls down Jenkins and all hiding teams’ hands are slapped palm down on the table.

The team captain can either be the searcher or he can pick a member of the team to act as the searcher. The searcher can then picks hands that he or she think are empty that must be taken off the table. When enough hands have been eliminated the searcher then choses the hand he or she think has the coin. If they guess correctly guessing team gets to hide the coin. If the searcher guess incorrectly the hiding team gets a point and gets to hide the coin again.

Games are often played to 11 points.


I also saw a news story of a variation of this game called Mheibis that is played in Iraq during Ramadan. It is essentially the same game on a bigger scale. Instead of teams of three sitting at a table there are teams of twenty or more. The players all sit in a courtyard. The hiding team sends one of their members to wander in front of the rows of his seated teammates concealed by a blanket. I’ve been informed that when this game is played during Ramadan it can last into the wee hours and is played with great enthusiasm.


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