Gul Bara, Backgammon gone crazy!


Gul Bara is sometimes called crazy Narde, and it lives up to it’s name. It takes the rules of Backgammon and Plakato and turn them on their head. Fast paced and exciting, this game is certainly one to try.

Players 2
Backgammon board
15 light stones and15 dark stones
Pair of dice
Dice cup
How to play
• The players moves all his or her checkers around the board and bears them off first wins the game.
• Each player starts with his or her checkers on the far right hand side of the board as shown in the photo.
• The players move the same direction going counter clockwise around the board.
• On the first roll each player rolls one die highest number the re-rolls and goes first.
• Each die is one move of a checker. A player can move his or her checkers on an empty triangle or a triangle that has his own checkers on it. However player cannot put his checkers on any triangle that has any of his or her opponent’s checkers on it.
• Doubles during the first three roles of the game are played twice. After the first three rolls the number that is rolled is played twice. Then each successive number is played as a double up to six. So when a double three is rolled the player moves double threes, fours, fives, and and finally sixes. If a player cannot play all the numbers the remaining numbers are given to their opponent.
• To bear off all of you checkers must be on your inner table. The inner table is the quarter of the board directly across from the players starting position. On your next roll you can either take a checker off the board from the number indicated or move a checker forward. For example roll one in six you could take one checker off the one triangle in one checker up to six try. If the player rolls a number that does not have any checkers they can bear off the next highest number, if there are no checkers on higher triangles.
• The player who gets all his checkers off the board first wins a point if the winner bears all as checkers off the board before his opponent gets two points


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