Looking for a game that has stood the test of time? Try Backgammon. For centuries backgammon and it’s variants have been played around the world. It is a board game with an intriguing balance of luck and skill. Whether you play a game in a park in New York or in cafenion in Athens , or in a pub in London you will enjoy a fast paced favorite.

Players 2
Backgammon board
15 light stones and15 dark stones
Pair of dice
Dice cup
Doubling cube

How to play
• The object of the game is to bring all of you checkers around the board to your inner table and bear them off before your opponent.


• The Board is setup and direction of play is shown in illustration above.

• On the first roll again each player rolls one die the player who rolls the highest number uses both dice as they are first roll

• On the players turn the roll two dice. Each die represents a move. For example roll of the six and a one means a player can move a checkers six spaces and a checker one space. Doubles are played twice.

• A player can land their checker on any triangle that is empty, that has their own checkers on it, or that has only one opponents checker on it

• If a player lands of a triangle with one of the opponents checkers on it that checker is put on the bar and the opposing player cannot make a move until it’s returned that players outer table.

• To bear off all of you checkers must be on your inner table. It on your next roll you can either take a checker off the board from the number indicated. For example roll one in six you could take one checker off the one triangle in one checker up to six try. If for example you roll a six but you don’t have a checkers on the six try goal be taken off the next highest triangle.

• The first player to remove all their checkers form the board wins a game. The player win two games if they can remove all their checkers before the opponent has removed any checkers. The player wins three games if the opponent has not remove any checkers and has a checker on the bar or in the opponents home board.

• A match is made up of a number of Backgammon games. The first to win the prescribed number of games wins the match. common number of match games is 3 or 7

• While a doubling cube is not used in many parts of the world, it can bring an exciting element to the game. It is a cube with the numbers 2,4,8,16,24,64. The cube starts the game on the side of the board with the number 64 facing up. Before a player rolls the dice they have the option of doubling the game. The player picks up to doubling cube turns so the 2 is facing up and offers it to their opponent. If the opponent accepts the cube they pick it up and put on their side of the board. After accepting a double the players are playing for two games rather than for one. The person who accepts the cube owns the cube. If the person who owns the cube wishes to before they roll can double the game again. This means the winner wins four games instead of two. If the person who is offered the cube refuses they lose the game they are playing at the stake last agreed. The numbers on the cube only go up to 64, but players can continue to double past 64.



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