Halv Tolv


Halv Tolv Denmark’s own twist on the card game Black Jack. It can be played for fun, for stake or as a drinking game. It is very popular with university students. This game was taught to me by a Louise Daurgaard whom I promised to mention by name when I published this project.

Players two or more

Equipment standard 52 card deck with 2 jokers

How to play

The dealer deals one card face down to all the players.

Each player in turn gets to challenge another player. The player challenging must declare if they have 11 and a half. If they do not he or she can take another card till they reach 11.5 points , have five cards that score under 11 and a half, or get as close as they think they dare to 11 and a half points.

The player challenged throws away their first card and gets a new card dealt face up. The player may take extra cards just as the challenging player did. The player closer to 11 and a half or five cards that score under 11 and a half win. The challenged player wins if there is a tie.

Face cards are worth half a point. Number cards are worth face value.
The Joker is worth 11 1/2 points if it’s the first card, it can also be a one or zero afterwards.
Any time there is a 7 card face up it is discarded and the player takes a new card.

Some play that only the dealer can be challenged and that you remain the dealer as long as there are cards left the deck. Once the deck is exhausted to pass to the next player may become the dealer.


3 thoughts on “Halv Tolv

  1. Nice blog! Way back in the 1970s, my brothers, my Dad and I used to play a Chinese board game that translates to “military chess.” (I believe that Stratego is a Western spin-off.) I tried to find a set recently, but could only find game pieces marked with Chinese characters, rather than drawings of the officers’ faces. I even looked on Ebay. Have you had any experience with this game?


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