Poker dice, the card game in a cup


Sometimes you need a game you can play with a big table of friends. When that time comes try playing poker dice. It is straight forward, quick , and has even been used as a mini game in a few popular video games.

Players 2 or more
Five dice (poker dice are best)
A dice cup
Chips, tokens, or score pad
How to play

The first player rolls all five dice from the cup. The player must then decide to roll all or some of the dice to get a higher hand. If they roll again they get two chances to improve his hand. The player can put aside any dice they do not want to roll, but once they are set aside the can not be rolled again that round.

The next player then rolls and must get a higher poker hand. the player can roll as many times as the player that started the round.

Highest hand wins the round. The first player to win three rounds wins the match.

Rank of hands.
Pair(aces down to nines)
Two pair (aces down to nines)
three of kind (aces down to nines)
full house (aces down to nines)
four of a kind (aces down to nines)
Five of a kind (aces down to nines)


One thought on “Poker dice, the card game in a cup

  1. Here is a good tip for playing Poker dice.

    If you have two sets of Poker Dice,you may want let the player with the highest hand keep his or her dice . This way what hand must be beat to win beat is on the table or every one to see. The next player can roll the other set of dice.


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