Halv Tolv


Halv Tolv Denmark’s own twist on the card game Black Jack. It can be played for fun, for stake or as a drinking game. It is very popular with university students. This game was taught to me by a Louise Daurgaard whom I promised to mention by name when I published this project.

Players two or more

Equipment standard 52 card deck with 2 jokers

How to play

The dealer deals one card face down to all the players.

Each player in turn gets to challenge another player. The player challenging must declare if they have 11 and a half. If they do not he or she can take another card till they reach 11.5 points , have five cards that score under 11 and a half, or get as close as they think they dare to 11 and a half points.

The player challenged throws away their first card and gets a new card dealt face up. The player may take extra cards just as the challenging player did. The player closer to 11 and a half or five cards that score under 11 and a half win. The challenged player wins if there is a tie.

Face cards are worth half a point. Number cards are worth face value.
The Joker is worth 11 1/2 points if it’s the first card, it can also be a one or zero afterwards.
Any time there is a 7 card face up it is discarded and the player takes a new card.

Some play that only the dealer can be challenged and that you remain the dealer as long as there are cards left the deck. Once the deck is exhausted to pass to the next player may become the dealer.


Super sized checkers replacement.


I would like say thank you to the reader who sent this photo. When some of the checkers for this oversized checker board went missing, they replaced them with painted apple sauce containers. A very creative idea.

A Checkers board made from poker chips?

Here is an easy way to make a temporary Checkers Board with poker chips. Start by laying on the table a row of eight poker chips. When laying down the chips alternate between two different colors. Then lay down seven more rows of chips above the original row. Be sure that the pattern of the new rows are the opposite of the row below it. Then place your checkers on your new board.


A deck of cards can also be used to make a Checkers Board. Simply place a row of four cards on the table. Be sure to leave a gap between each card as shown in the photo. Then place your checkers on the board, and enjoy your game.

Being able to improvise a Checkers Board can be very useful when you are traveling, and want to cut down how much you are carrying. It is also useful if you waiting in a place like an airport or restaurant, and would like to fill the time with a game.

If you have some ideas on improvising a Checkers Board, please share them in the comments.

Poker dice, the card game in a cup


Sometimes you need a game you can play with a big table of friends. When that time comes try playing poker dice. It is straight forward, quick , and has even been used as a mini game in a few popular video games.

Players 2 or more
Five dice (poker dice are best)
A dice cup
Chips, tokens, or score pad
How to play

The first player rolls all five dice from the cup. The player must then decide to roll all or some of the dice to get a higher hand. If they roll again they get two chances to improve his hand. The player can put aside any dice they do not want to roll, but once they are set aside the can not be rolled again that round.

The next player then rolls and must get a higher poker hand. the player can roll as many times as the player that started the round.

Highest hand wins the round. The first player to win three rounds wins the match.

Rank of hands.
Pair(aces down to nines)
Two pair (aces down to nines)
three of kind (aces down to nines)
full house (aces down to nines)
four of a kind (aces down to nines)
Five of a kind (aces down to nines)