Cuban dominoes

You say that traditional dominos is not mentally challenging enough for you. No problem! Try your hand at Cuban dominos. The perfect game to play in the park while sipping a cafecito.

Players 2 teams of 2 players
Equipment Double nine set
of dominoes and a score pad
How to play

The set of 55 dominoes is put facedown on the table and shuffled.

Each player takes 10 dominoes, and the remaining 15 are set aside and not used for that hand.

The player with the highest double starts the round.

On the players turn he or she places a domino with a matching numbered spots on either end of the domino layout. If a player cannot play, he or she knock on table an lose there turn.

The first player to play all their dominoes wins the hand and collects the points that the opposing team has on their dominoes. Points are determined by how many dots are on the domino.

If no player can play on the layout the game is blocked. In this case the player with the lowest number of points in his hand wins.

The winning team starts the next hand.

Games can be played to 100 ,150,or 200 points.


Some people play that person who picks the highest domino from the fifteen left over dominos leads the first hand.


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