What do you mean we forgot to bring a pencil?!

Here is a homemade abacus on a string that can be very helpful to the traveling game player. This simple tool allows you to score games without needing pen or paper, reduces simple math errors, and is easy to pack. The beads of the abacus shown in the photo above even glow in the dark.

When a player records a score, he or she move the beads from the left to the right along the string. The first ten beads are worth 1 point each, the middle ten beads are worth 10 points each, and the last ten beads are worth 100 points each. When all beads in a row have been pushed to the right they are all pushed back to the starting postion on the left, and a bead from the next row is pushed to the right.

Here is an example of using the score keeper. If a player scored thirteen points he or she would move one 10 point bead to the right and three 1 point beads point beads to the right.

If the player scored seven points on the next turn, seven 1 point beads would be pushed to the right. After pushing the seven 1 point beads all the 1 point beads would be on the right, so they would all be pushed back to the left and one 10 point bead would be pushed right.



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