Have Dice Will Travel

This trick helps you keep control of your dice when playing in awkward places like buses and cars. Place your dice in a small clear container with a lid. When it is your turn to roll just shake the whole container. This dice shaker works great for games where you roll all the dice every throw like Backgammon, Shut the Box, and Sho.

You can even make a cover for your dice shaker so you can play Liars Dice. You will need an identical container that can fit over top of the first one. Paint three-quarters of the second container black. When playing slide the painted container over top of the first. Now you can see your dice in the unpainted portion, but your opponent sees only black paint.


Now you can play dice on road trips without worrying about accidentally throwing your dice under the seat in front of you. No need for tables or even dinner trays. I would like to hear from any readers that have more ideas on how to improve the dice shaker.


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