No cards, no dice, no problem. Spoof is a bluffing game that only requires animal cunning and three coins per player. While Spoof is most often found in English pubs, it is gaining popularity in other countries as well. So next time you can not decide whose turn it is to buy the next round, settle it with a game of Spoof.

Players 2-6

Equipment three coins per player

How to play

• Each player secretly puts 0 to 3 of the coins in their fist. On the signal each player puts their fist onto the table.

• Then each player takes a turn guessing the total number of coins in the all the fists on the table. Each player must guess a different number.

• If someone guesses the exact number of coins, he or she drops out of the game. The remaining players start the next round.

• The last person left in the game loses.

Some people play that you cannot make a false call. This means on your turn you can’t make a guess that you know could not possibly be correct. A false call results in an automatic loss.


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